Propietary Form Factor


Stacked 6.6" SSD

FlashBridge Embedded SSD’s are the revolutionary solution to the need for high capacity in a small, extremely rugged package with a maximum capacity of 5TB in a 32mm x 64mm x 9.3mm size.

FlashBridge stacked, board Level SSD’s with a patented process allows for best in class heat dissipation, memory density and reliability. This line of drives packs the largest volume of memory into the smallest board footprint on the market. The FlashBridge design creates a bridge over the board allowing for population of devices under the drive with only a very small amount of space being used for connection. With a huge array of options available like, power fail circuits, push button erase, military erase and reboot, full encryption options up to FIPS-140-2, secure connectors to achieve the highest MIL spec requirements or direct BGA soldered connection. This is the most versable, highest capacity, smallest form factor device with maximum heat dissipation technology that can be tolered to meet the most demanded need.

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