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Soligen Solid State Drives,  with Enterprise or Commercial grade in unique and standard form factors,  are found in Military programs, Industrial Applications, Medical technology, and the Media/Entertainment industry.  Our unique technology allows the most Solid State Data Storage in the smallest physical space.  Utilizing our drives and software, Media and Military are also able to transport and have data made available in multiple locations near real time.  Welcome!

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This website is meant to be interactive.  Please view our blog posts here: and respond with comments if appropriate.  Join our community to showcase new data storage trends.  This site highlights solid state storage solutions, military technology, industrial integration, and media & entertainment technology.  Big data is taking over.  Be it cloud computing, data warehousing, analytics, it all needs to be stored somewhere.  Soligen offers the smallest workable, expandable, thermally efficient form factor for the future of solid state technology.  The next generation of Size, Weight and Power, delivered today.  Find out how the world is migrating away from the old spinning error prone mechanical devices to solid state to the Flashbridge form factor where data storage is a drop in component, not a challenge creating peripheral.

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